Product Technical Statements

Explanation & Register

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A Product Technical Statement (PTS) is a summary of information including technical and installation information about a building product. It will also explain how the product complies with each of the relevant ‘performance clauses’ of the New Zealand Building Code. To ensure authenticity of the information, a third party is often employed to review the information and its accuracy, such as BEAL.

For BEAL clients, on the anniversary of the PTS, BEAL require the information to be revalidated, using an online form, and advising whether any changes have been made to either suppliers or relevant technical literature. Where there is no change, BEAL will check for any changes to the Regulations and their implications, then update the expiry date on the PTS and update it on the BEAL website. 

Where there is a change, we will need to review what changes have been made and any implications. On completion of the review, BEAL will update the expiry date on the PTS and update it on the website. 

For this review, there is an annual fee. 

Typical example of a Product Technical Statement can be viewed here –