• BCS Accredited to Issue Australian CodeMark Certification
    BEAL Certification Service Ltd is pleased to announce that it has received JAS-ANZ accreditation to issue product certification to suitable applicants for the Australian market under the CodeMark Scheme. This means that BCS can now offer product certification for use in both Australia and New Zealand.
    Posted: Thursday 18 February 2016
  • New 'Acceptable Construction Practice' drawings being developed
    Responding to calls for easy to understand and more reliable Code compliant generic construction details, a new set of 'Acceptable Construction Practice' drawings are being produced by BEAL. These CAD based drawings are in colour, isometric format, making it easier to understand how components are assembled.
    It is expected that with widespread construction industry involvement, the drawings will take a year before they will be ready for download onto tablets and the like for use on site.
    Posted: Wednesday 7 October 2015
  • New Weather-station Installed
    A new weather-station has been installed to better understand and measure local weather conditions. The instrument has a number of measuring sensors with some having calibration against NIST traceable standards. Of particular use are the UV and solar measuring sensors.
    Posted: Friday 31 October 2014
  • Legislated responsibilities of product manufacturer or suppliers
    Manufacturers need to be fully aware of the new requirements set out in Section 14 G of the Building Act 2004; especially part 2.
    Posted: Thursday 10 July 2014
  • Requests from the authorities have resulted in all BEAL Appraisals listed on this web site now having their expiry date clearly stated. Before the expiry date is extended, all certificates are revalidated and the relevant quality management system audited. Dates of any updates are also stated.
    Posted: Tuesday 8 July 2014
  • Office now in Australia
    BEAL Certification Service Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr John Villani as the Australian Manager representing the range of services offered by BEAL. John's contact details are listed in the contact us page. John has many years experience in the building industry and has experience in the testing, compliance and certification processes.
    Posted: Thursday 5 June 2014
  • BEAL Certification Service Ltd is pleased to announce that it has at last been accredited to provide suitable applicants with product certification known as a CodeMark certificate.
    For further information about CodeMark and the evaluation process, click here.
    Posted: Thursday 31 October 2013
  • New Revalidation and Change Policy
    As a result of a recent enquiry about the process for updating BEAL Appraisal certificates, a new policy covering both the updating and revalidation of appraisal certificates, has been developed.
    The policy is designed to provide clarity to certificate holders as to their obligations to keep their certificates current and up to date.
    In future all appraisal certificates that are updated between revalidations will be notified on this web site under the NEWS setcion.
    Posted: Tuesday 9 July 2013
  • An updated appraisal certificate has been added to the list of certificates available from this web site.
    Posted: Tuesday 9 July 2013
  • A ‘frame protection system’ is the collection of components that are used to provide reliable protection of the framing and wall insulation from wind and wind-driven rain over time.
    Posted: Friday 29 March 2013
  • SIP Systems - Finally here!
    MagRoc NZ Ltd., based in Christchurch has finally brought the newest in energy efficient building systems, to New Zealand. BEAL Appraisal C1130, listed under "claddings", was the result of over one year of investigation and evaluation of the MagRoc Product.
    Posted: Sunday 23 December 2012
  • One company based in Christchurch has made the investment in considerable engineering, structural, durability and weathertightness assessment work to provide an appraisal for a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) system for use throughout New Zealand.
    More information to follow.
    Posted: Friday 26 October 2012
  • BEAL Certification Service will soon become accredited to offer Product Certification for building product manufacturers, importers and distributors. Information about the certification process can be downloaded from here.
    Posted: Tuesday 31 July 2012
  • Thermal Conductivity Machine Has Arrived!
    BEAL has taken delivery of a modern thermal conductivity machine that means more accurate and reliable test results, in a shorter time.
    The German manufactured machine uses the latest technical innovations to provide thermal resistance measurements for insulation manufacturers and importers, at very competitive prices.
    Posted: Friday 6 April 2012
  • For those interested in keeping up with findings related to the Canterbury Earthquake, see the latest news in our section 'Canterbury Earthquake'.
    Posted: Friday 5 August 2011
  • At a conference recently held by Conferenz in Wellington ( the subject of the proposed ammendment to the Building Act was discussed by many leaders of the building industry. One of the speakers was the CEO from BEAL, Colin Prouse. A copy of his presentation is listed here.
    Posted: Friday 29 July 2011
  • The BEAL web site now contains a Forum page where visitors can start a discussion about any subject they wish to see discussion or debate about.
    Posted: Sunday 16 January 2011
  • Review of the Building Act 2004
    The Government is seeking responses to a number of significant changes to the way Building Consents and inspections are carried out in a DBH document entitled "Cost-effective quality:
    next generation building
    control in New Zealand."
    Posted: Monday 5 April 2010
  • The new BEAL Web Site
    Our new web site went live on Saturday 28 November completing a three month redesign of the old web site. The new one will provide a more user friendly experience for visitors. The new web site provides several new sections of information, such as a section for private customer access to Customer Files, News and On Line Learning Material. Comments on the new web site are welcome.
    Posted: Saturday 28 November 2009
  • BEAL Achieves ISO 9001
    On the 11th November 2009 BEAL received their certificate for ISO 9001 demonstrating that their quality management system met the international standard recognised the world over.
    Posted: Tuesday 17 November 2009