Information for the certification of persons

Information about the Certification of Persons scheme.

The Certification of Persons Scheme is based on the Certification of Persons Scheme Rules, available for download including the need for PI cover and a CPQP*.

The application form to become a certified person having a specified skill set and or competency is available for download here.

A template in Word format to assist an applicant prepare and complete a written ‘quality management system’ (QMS) is available here.

Note: All applications require a written QMS document, preferably in pdf format. Applications will not be accepted without a compliant QMS. Applicants may need to seek assistance to ensure the QMS is compliant. A list of persons who may be able to assist to develop your QMS is available here.

The application form for lodging an appeal against any decision made by the Manager of the Certification of Persons Scheme may be downloaded here.

A form for correcting any information on the register or making a comment or complaint, is available for download here.

Further forms or documents may be required during or after the evaluation process and will provided to the applicant when appropriate by the Scheme Manager.

* A CPQP is a Certified Persons Quality Plan.