How to Get Compliance for Pre-Fabricated Buildings

POSTED: 05/8/2019

How to Get Compliance for Pre-Fabricated Buildings – 5 May 2019

Many importers have asked the question, “how do we establish compliance (with the New Zealand or Australian Building Code) of a pre-fabricated house built overseas – typically in China?”.

The answer is not simple, since every house, comprising many ‘components’ will need to have each key component assessed for compliance. Establishing compliance can be achieved in two ways – either the component is designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with a Government published ‘Acceptable Solution’, or, the component will need to be assessed for compliance, by a suitably experienced ‘product assessment body’, such as BEAL.

To provide more detail of what is required to confirm compliance, BEAL have produced a summary of what is typically required for the most common parts and components of a house. To download and view this paper, click here.

Further questions may be asked by contacting one of the friendly staff at BEAL.