BEAL Certification Service Ltd. accepts that there needs to be policy and practices for managing comments and or complaints related to either decisions or products for which any approval certificate has been issued. This is in addition to the certificate-holder responsibility to have their own complaint management policy and procedures.


In the event that our certification body (BCS) receives directly or indirectly, a comment or stated complaint that intends to be a criticism of the policy and or procedures of BCS, then the following shall be undertaken: 1. The comment or complaint shall be brought to the attention of the management of BCS; 2. The management of BCS shall decide in the first instance whether the comment or complaint appears spurious or not; 3. On the basis that the matter is considered not spurious, then the management shall decide who shall undertake an investigation into the matter(s), ensuring that there is no conflict of interest; 4. Management will also ensure the relevant certificate-holder is notified of the complaint for their response. 5. The BCS appointed investigator will carry out firstly a preliminary investigation and provide a report to the BCS management, who shall decide if further investigative effort is required and justified. 6. The result of this shall also be conveyed to the complainant. 9. At the completion of further investigations a report shall be prepared by BCS management stating what action, if any, is to be taken by the relevant parties, including a requirement for future (short term) surveillance(s).

The BEAL Complaints Form can be downloaded here.

On completion of an initial review of the information supplied (as part of a complaint), a note shall be made and filed concerning the finding(s). Such finding shall state what action, if any, is to be taken and by whom. Any response from the complainant if any, shall also be recorded. In the event that the initial review findings point to a serious matter requiring further investigation, then senior management shall appoint a person who shall keep records of their investigation and any findings. Such finding shall state what action, if any, is to be taken and by whom. Any response from the complainant, if any, shall also be recorded.