List of CodeMark certificates issued by BCS

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BCS-174218-CMNZThe Neoferma TotalSeal MS™Neoferma Australia Pty Ltd.ManualActiveBPQP
BCS176318The Princes Wharf Deck & Coving Remediation MethodTrojan Construction Ltd.Contact BEALActiveContact BEAL
BCS1710118The KE KELIT VSH XPress GAS Fittings SystemManualActiveBPQP
BCS-177818-CMNZ rev1.1The Newton System 500 (Basement Water Management System)Newton Systems Ltd.ManualActiveBPQP
BCS-169918-CMNZThe KOTAHI Overclad Weatherboard SystemManualActiveBPQP
CM60002Prodeso Heat SystemProgress ProfilesManualActiveBPQP
BCS-172517-CMNZThe MAXIMUM Porcelain on Sumner Tile SystemOriginal StoneManualActiveBPQP
BCS-156516-CMNZHYDROPAVER Range of Permeable PaversJAGAS Paving LtdManualActiveBPQP
BCS-173418-CMNZThe E-Build Prefabricated Masonry Wall, Floor and Roof Panel SystemShangda New Type Building Materials LtdManualActiveBPQP
BCS-164618-CMNZThe Newton HydroBond SystemNewton Systems Ltd.ManualActiveBPQP
BCS-168818-CMNZThe Progress Profiles Waterproofing Membrane SystemsProgress ProfilesManualActiveBPQP
BCS-172217-CMNZFrame Protection System Ltd.’s Frame Protection SystemFrame Protection System LtdManualSuspendedBPQP
BCS-158617-CMNZSIGA Building Protection SystemSIGA AGManualActiveBPQP
BCS-159017-CMNZTAUCO Insulating Weatherboard SystemGRAINFOREST Ltd.ManualActiveBPQP
BCS-CM60001Neptune Wetsuit Liquid Applied Membrane SystemNeptune NZ LtdManualActiveBPQP
BCS-150617-CMNZEdging Systems components of metal roof flashingsEdging Systems (NZ) Ltd.Contact BEALActiveBPQP
BCS-167317-CMNZQuaketech’s SuperCross Bracing SystemBracing Solutions LtdManualActiveBPQP
BCS-143517-CMNZNuraply 3PC Carpark Waterproofing SystemNuralite waterproofing LtdManualActiveContact BEAL
BCS-143416-CMNZNuraply 3PG Green Roof Membrane SystemNuralite Waterproofing LtdManualActiveContact BEAL
BCS-140615-CMNZNeptune NZ WETSUIT Liquid Applied Membrane SystemNeptune NZ LtdManualActiveBPQP
BCS-143717-CMNZMSA One System EnclosureMSANZ LimitedManualActiveBPQP
BCS-144316-CMNZKe Kelit SteelFIX Stainless Hot & Cold Pipe & Fittings SystemKe Kelit (NZ) LtdManualActiveBPQP
BCS-170617-CMNZKe Kelit COPPERFIX SystemKe Kelit (NZ) LtdManualActiveBPQP
BCS-130113-CMNZMagRoc SIP + Plaster SystemMagRoc (NZ) Ltd.ManualActiveBPQP
BCS-130214-CMNZABEP Blue Barrier Liquid Applied Rigid Air Barrier (LARAB) SystemABEP (NZ) Ltd.ManualActiveBPQP
BCS-141814-CMNZSUMNER Schist Cladding SystemOriginal StoneManualActiveBPQP
BCS-144216-CMNZKelen Drinking Water Pipe & Fittings SystemKe Kelit (NZ) LtdManualWithdrawnBPQP
BCS-144116-CMNZKelox Multilayer Pipe & Fittings SystemKe Kelit (NZ) LtdManualActiveBPQP
BCS-151216-CMNZNuraply 3PM Roofing Membrane SystemNuralite Waterproofing LtdManualActiveBPQP
BCS-130315-CMNZTRITOFlex Liquid Applied Membrane SystemTRITOFlex Distributors LtdManualActiveBPQP
BCS-143316-CMNZNuraply 3PT Waterproof Tanking Membrane systemNuralite Waterproofing LtdManualActiveContact BEAL
BCS-1510516-CMNZLiquid Cladding SystemLiquid Cladding System LtdManualSuspendedBPQP
BCS-152216-CMNZASCC Demilec HEATLOK XT PU Spray FoamASCC LimitedManualActiveBPQP
BCS-148316-CMNZThe TRM WeatherAll SystemTRM WeatherAll LtdManualActiveContact BEAL