Certificate-holder’s Obligations

Certificate-Holder Responsibilities

The Certificate-Holder shall:

  1. Comply with the CodeMark Scheme Rules;
  2. Comply with the procedures of our organisation;
  3. Maintain a Product Risk-Managed Quality Assurance System (Plan) that details the procedures and associated resources that are applied by whom and when to a specific Product, its manufacture and installation/application, and is consistent with ISO 10005:1995 (AS/NZS 9004.5:1998) including the keeping of records of any product failures on site(s);
  4. Ensure the Certified Product is manufactured in accordance with the Product Risk-Managed Quality Assurance System and any conditions associated with the Certificate and that it is materially the same as any sample that was evaluated;
  5. Notify our organisation of any intended change, modification or alteration to the certified Product (or its method of manufacture, Product Risk-Managed Quality Assurance System, installation instructions, etc.);
  6. Notify our organisation of any reason to suspect the Certified Product may not comply with the relevant New Zealand Building Code and or BCA;
  7. Notify our organisation in writing of any intended change to the name, address or contact details of the Certificate-Holder place(s) of Product manufacture;
  8. Issue public disclosure statements through means acceptable to our organisation and the ABCB where Certified Product that is found not to comply with the New Zealand Building Code and or BCA that has been released on to the market;
  9. If Certification has been suspended or withdrawn — notify existing customers of this change in status and immediately cease the use of the Certificate, Mark of Conformity and Certificate number;
  10. Reproduce the Certificate and associated ‘Compliance Form’ for use with Building Consent applications in their entirety; and
  11. Use the Mark of Conformity in accordance with our organisation’s rules as per CDOC 15.


Confirmation of Correct Use of Marks

  • Upon the production by a Certificate-Holder of trial, draft artwork or a test print copy utilizing the CodeMark mark, a sample will be supplied to BCS for approval before use.
  • A Certificate-Holder shall forward a copy of every item of publicity where mention or use of CodeMark Certification is made for approval by BCS. A fee for the review may apply.

Should any of the above requirements require further explanation, requests for such shall be in writing and forwarded to the BCS Project Manager.

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