CodeMark Information

If you have an innovative product, you have come to the right place.

BEAL is one of a few leading assessment bodies who can provide customised assessment and testing programmes to enable you to  demonstrate that your product will comply with the relevant country ‘Code requirements’.

Collaborating with leading scientists from all over the world, BEAL can provide a cost-effective time-saving programme to help get your product into the market. Curently in New Zealand there are three ‘pathways’ to demonstrating compliance: An ‘appraisal’, a ‘Certificate of Conformance’ (CodeMark) and a ‘Product Compliance Certificate’ which has several benefits over the others.
For Australia there are three ‘pathways’ to demonstrating compliance: A ‘Victoria State Building Product Accreditation’, a ‘Certificate of Conformance’ (CodeMark) and a ‘Product Compliance Certificate’.
For information about the appraisal pathway, click here. For information about the Certificate of Conformance pathway, read below. For information about the new Product Compliance Certificate pathway, call or email BEAL. See here for contact details. For information about the VBA Product Accreditation pathway, click here.

A Certificate of Conformity (known as CodeMark) establishes non-contestable compliance with the relevant performance requirements of the New Zealand or Australian Building Code. It is used when notifying the Building Consent Authority or Australian Certifier at the commencement of building work when using your building product.

BEAL Certification Service (BCS) is currently unable to provide CodeMark certification.

BEAL Certification Service can however, provide guidance on how to achieve CodeMark certification or an Appraisal or the new Product Compliance Certificate depending on your requirements. For those keen to gain a Product Compliance Certificate, click here to download the application form.

For information about product certification from the New Zealand Government (MBIE) click here.