CodeMark Information

The purpose of gaining a CodeMark Certificate is to establish non-contestable compliance with the relevant performance requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (or BCA), for use when notifying the Building Consent Authority (or Certifier) of the commencement of building work, either requiring a ‘building consent’ or not.

BEAL Certification Service Limited (BCS) provides impartial certification of building products as proof of compliance with the Building Code. Certification ensures acceptance by all Councils or Certifiers within New Zealand or Australia. A CodeMark Certificate from BCS also provides a much higher level of proof of performance than other forms of compliance.

The following documents explain the process and what information is required to make an application for certification resulting in a CodeMark certificate.

Click on the following headings to download the relevant explanation:

1. Introducing the Product Certification Info Pack

2. Flow Plan of the CodeMark ‘Evaluation Plan’ process

3. What Does An Application For A CodeMark Certificate Need To Include?

4. When you are ready to make an application download the Confidentiality Agreement Form sign it and return it to us.

5. When you are ready then download the CodeMark Application Form, completing all sections where possible.

6. To assist your application, a list of documents to be supplied with the application, can be downloaded from here.

7. Return the completed forms to BEAL Certification Service after scanning to

For a Word version of the application form e-mail us. If your application is for a change to an existing CodeMark Certificate, download the correct application form from here.

For information about product certification from the New Zealand Government (MBIE) click here.