The TAUCO Overclad Rainscreen System

COMPANY: Forest Mountain NZ Ltd.

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Appraisal Expiry Date: 30 June 2023

1.1     The TAUCO Overclad Rainscreen System (TOR system) comprises a pre-finished metal PU based insulated sandwich panel weatherboard in shiplap format complete with proprietary trims to provide a durable rain-screen over existing typical fibre-cement or EIFS type cladding systems that have been subjected to an inspection process. The weatherboards are available in a range of colours.

1.2      The TOR system is intended for use over existing installations of fibre-cement sheet or EIFS type claddings with finishing systems used in residential buildings.

1.3 The TOR system is to be constructed under the supervision of an LBP and by persons trained and approved by Forest Mountain NZ Ltd. or their authorised agents, in conformance with the Forest Mountain NZ Ltd. Building Product Quality Plan and site checklists.