The TAUCO Enhanced Fibre-Cement Sheet product range

COMPANY: Forest Mountain NZ Ltd.

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Appraisal Expiry Date: 31 July 2024

1.1 The TAUCO Enhanced Fibre-Cement Sheet Product Range is composed of 9mm, 20mm and 25mm high density sheets and 6mm and 9mm medium density sheets designed to be used with timber framing, light gauge steel framing or masonry walls for the construction of exterior rainscreens; the product range also includes 12mm low-density sheets for use as interior wall and ceiling linings. As an exterior rainscreen, the sheets may be direct-fixed over a thermal break or proprietary drainage material in wind zones up to and including Extra-High as per NZS3604.

1.2 The 20mm and 25mm high-density sheets are suited for dry and wet areas. A combination of 9mm plus 25mm high density sheets are suited for bathroom floors.