Sumner Adhered Masonry Veneer System

COMPANY: Original Stone Ltd

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Appraisal Expiry Date: 28 Feb 2025

The Sumner Adhered Masonry Veneer System (SAMV) uses a fibre-cement board as the cladding substrate onto which is adhered a selected natural thin masonry veneer to provide a durable, weatherproof and attractive natural Stone finish.

1.2      The Sumner (fibre-cement) Board is denser than most fibre-cement boards having a density of ~1.3Kg/m3 which makes it ideal for use as a substrate for adhering natural Stone veneer to. Stone ranging typically from 45kg/m2to 92kg/m2can be adhered to the board.

1.3 The Sumner Board is fixed to timber or steel framing by way of 10g x 40mm stainless steel screws at 180mm centres applied around the perimeter and centre of the board. In order to ensure the board meets the durability requirements, the board is primed on the face. To prevent the ingress of moisture at vertical junctions, a special board tape is used, and for inter-storey junctions, the tape is used in place of z flashings.

1.4 To assist the adhesive secure the natural Stone veneer to the board, use is made of 1.8mm thick stainless steel ‘L’ brackets screw-fixed at the lower corner of each Stone piece, usually at every two to four courses depending on the weight of the stone pieces.

1.5    The Sumner System is to be applied by persons trained and approved by Original Stone Ltd, within the scope and limitations described in the Appraisal-holder’s Technical Manual.