The PJD SIP Building System

COMPANY: PJD Building Supplies Ltd

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Appraisal Expiry Date: 31 March 2025

 1.1      The PJD SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) Building System is an energy-efficient exterior and interior wall system, installed typically on an insulated concrete slab on ground, utilizing a combination of 11mm thick OSB board skins and medium density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation using a proprietary PU adhesive applied in a factory. The panels are attached to SG8 stress graded top and bottom plates by way of annular groove nails, while the panels are connected to each other by way of a proprietary spline joint method.

 1.2 These walls are suited for the construction of a roof truss fixed on top of the top plates (or cap) to SED.

1.3 NZBC compliant exterior cladding systems may be attached via cavity battens fixed to the exterior surface of the SIP panels or, for direct-applied render systems, a NZBC compliant finishing system applied directly to the prepared exterior SIP surface. Cladding systems and direct-applied finishing systems are outside the scope of this Appraisal.

1.4    The PJD SIP Building System (PJDSBS) is to be installed by persons trained and approved by PJD Building Supplies Ltd, or their agent, within the scope and limitations described in the certificate-holder’s Technical and Installation Manual.