The Magnum Board 16mm Shiplap Weatherboard System

COMPANY: Health Based Building Ltd.

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Appraisal Expiry Date: 31 May 2025

1.1 The Magnum Board 16mm Shiplap Weatherboard (MB16mmWB) system is a mineral based shiplap profile weatherboard profile to be installed either vertically or horizontally over timber framing or light gauge steel framing for use in wind zones up to and including ‘extra-high’ as defined by NZS3604. It is designed to provide an attractive, durable cladding providing weather and wind resistance for residential and light commercial buildings in high wind environments.

1.2 The system consists of 16mm thick shiplap profile weatherboards with specified accessories and coatings that provides an easy to install, reliable barrier to moisture and the passage of air.

1.3    The MB16mmWB system is to be installed by suitably experienced tradespersons under the supervision of a Licensed Building Practitioner, as described in the appraisal-holder’s technical literature.