The ‘HNB Pipe Gaskets for Underlays’ (product range) supplied by C & Y NZ Ltd.


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Appraisal Expiry Date: 31 March 2024

The range of products is designed to provide a wind and moisture resistant seal around the following pipes sizes;
8mm to 12mm, 15mm to 22mm, 25mm to 32mm, 42mm to 55mm, 50mm to 70mm, 75mm to 90mm, 100mm to 110mm, 125mm to 135mm, 150mm to 165mm and 200mm to 220mm;

penetrating an underlay and the underlay sheet in wall cavities.

The range of products is made from a flexible, durable EPDM rubber hose attached to a water resistance paper-like flange with a self-adhesive backing, to enable the flange to be adhered directly to an underlay that complies with the NZBC, typically installed over timber or light gauge steel framing designed and constructed according to NZS3604 or a NASH Standard.

  • The product must be installed as per the HNB instructions printed on the gasket.
  • The product must also be installed by persons experienced with the installation of underlays
  • Installation of these products shall be the responsibility of the supervising LBP.