The TAUCO Light Gauge Steel Building System AU

COMPANY: Forest Mountain Australia Ltd.

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Appraisal Expiry Date: 31 July 2024

1.1     The TAUCO Light Gauge Steel Building System (TAUCO LGS BS) is based on the use of a proprietary light gauge steel design and manufacturing process, used for residential construction up to three stories, incorporating proprietary windows and exterior doors, using proprietary wet area products where required. All other design details are specific to the project.

1.2      The TAUCO LGS BS is comprised of an insulated wall, roof, suspended floor, wet area linings, and window/door systems, incorporating light gauge steel framing.

1.3 The TAUCO LGS BS is to be constructed only by persons trained and approved by Grainforest Ltd. or their authorised agents in conformance with the Grainforest Product Quality Plan and site checklists.