FFR-K1 One Part Kevlar, Single Pot, Liquid Applied Membrane system


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Appraisal Expiry Date: 1 July 2019

The FFR-K1 One Part Kevlar, Single Pot, Liquid Applied Membrane system, (FFR-K1) is a liquid applied, moisture cured, one-pot waterproofing system with an optional integral reinforcement layer to be used on flat roofs and vertical walls. It is designed for the seamless water-proofing and long term protection of roof and wall surfaces from harsh envi-ronments. The product can be applied by brush, roller or spray* to the substrates specified in the appraisal.

The system consists of substrate preparation products, the FFR-K1 coating, FFR-K1 Reinforcing Scrim available in both tape and sheet form and FFR-K1 Sealant.

FFR-K1 is suited for application to new substrates and over the following existing substrates: bare or coated concrete slabs, Coloursteel roofing, Galvanised iron roofing, Zincalume roofing, bare treated timber ply, Asphalt roofing substrates, Bituminous Felt substrates, Butyl Rubber substrates older than 5 years, and EPDM substrates older than 5 years, that have been shown to comply with all requirements described in the FFR-K1 Technical Manual and in particular the inspection and testing requirements.