The Elastik Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane System

COMPANY: Waterproofing Wharehouse

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Appraisal Expiry Date: 31 July 2024

1.1      This Appraisal Certificate covers the ‘Elastik Waterproofing Membrane System’ which is a liquid-applied waterproofing membrane for use on external building elements, where an impervious waterproofing membrane is required to meet the requirements of Clause E2.


1.2      The Elastik Waterproofing Membrane System has been assessed as suited for the waterproofing of roofs, decks and below ground basements as specified in the Elastik Waterproofing Membrane System ‘Liquid Application Guide’.


1.3    The Waterproofing Membrane System is to be applied by persons trained and approved by Waterproofing Warehouse Ltd, within the scope and limitations described in the Appraisal-holder’s Application Guide.