BEAL Testing Services (BTS)

Whether you have an innovative product or something new, BEAL Testing Services can help you.

BEAL Testing Services is one of a few international entities who have the experience to help you with customised test methodologies, to enable you to  demonstrate that your product will comply with the relevant ‘ Building Code requirements’.

BEAL Testing Services operates in accordance with the requirements of International Standards such as ISO9001, ISO17025 and ISO17007.

Over the years BEAL has developed in-house expertise covering the following products –

  • Prefabricated or pre-manufactured walls, roofs and floor systems that are part of a “building system”;
  • Roofing products such as roof shingles, sheet membranes and Liquid Applied Membranes (LAMs);
  • Exterior cladding products such as vertical weatherboards, insulated weatherboards, pre-finished fibre-cement sheets, and so on;
  • Window and door products, including uPVC, thermally broken aluminium and plastic composite material framing;
  • Wall, ceiling and roof insulation products. BEAL has state of the art test equipment to provide accurate figures. See here;
  • Structural Insulated Panels. BEAL have considerable experience in testing bracing and flexural properties of these panels;
  • Bathroom pods and wet area systems, including floor heating systems.

Testing methods carried out by BEAL include –

  • Thermal conductivity measurements enabling R-values to be calculated
  • Weathertight testing of wall, door and window systems
  • Durability testing and assessments
  • Tensile and elasticity testing
  • Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) and Rupture (MOR)
  • Shore Hardness
  • Dimensional stability after accelerated ageing in a programmable environmental chamber
  • Water absorption
  • Hydrostatic water resistance, especially for Damp Proof Membranes
  • Moisture Vapour Permeability
  • Resistance to flexing under high wind speeds / pressure
  • Resistance  to early degradation of wet area membranes from soaps and the like
  • Fatigue testing of bracing designs or products, intended to provide long term bracing performance (P21 type testing),
  • Development of new criterion and assessment methods for highly innovative products, to demonstrate compliance, in accordance with ISO17007. This service is suited to all types of innovators and Product Conformance Bodies (PCBs)Here is a short video showing weathertight testing –
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For those interested in completing the development of a new product, funding from the Government may be available to assist with costs. Check the local funding agency at this web site: Regional Business Partner Network