Appraisal Information

An ‘Appraisal’ of a building product is a reliable means of demonstrsting compliance. Appraisals are used in Great Britain, Nordic countries, European countries, and the US (e.g. the ICC Evaluation Service).
In Australasia such attestments of building products are carried out by BEAL and others.
An ‘appraisal’ is a process by which –
a) the performance of products and their components are evaluated (tested) and
b) the ongoing risks associated with the use of the product and components are managed by way of a product quality plan. Such an attestment will also assess the practicality and ease of installation, called “buildability”.

A free info pack is available below, which outlines and explains the Appraisal processes.
A confidentiality agreement (NDA) and an application form are also available for download too.
Information about the requirements for a product quality plan can be downloaded here.

Click here for a chart explanation of the Appraisal compliance process

Click here for a copy of the Confidentiality Agreement form

Click here for a copy of the pdf fillable form Appraisal Application form

The BEAL approved logo stating “Building Code Compliant” with a unique appraisal number, can only be used once a ‘Building Product Quality Plan’ has been developed by an applicant, that ensures that the product or system will continue to be installed and maintained as required by the manufacturer’s instructions.
Guidance on how to develop a ‘Building Product Quality Plan’ can be obtained from BEAL. Please enquire here. Contact Us.
Information about other pathways to demonstrate compliance can be found here.

To view the relevant building code information, click here.