Appraisal Information

The idea of evaluating a building product (having an Appraisal) is one endorsed by Governments in Great Brittan, France, the Nordic countries, many European countries, and by non-government organisations such as the ICC Evaluation Service (of the USA), BRANZ, BEAL and many others. An appraisal is a process by which a) the performance of the materials and the assembly of materials are evaluated (tested) and b) the ongoing risks associated with the use of the materials and assembly of materials are monitored and managed. It is also essential ensure that the design of a system is both practical and relatively easy to install.

BEAL have developed an appraisal info pack (download below), which outlines and explains the Appraisal process in graphic and word form. An application form and confidentiality agreement form are available for download too.
PDF DownloadIntroduction to the Appraisal Process      

Beal Appraised

A Sample of a BEAL Appraisal

 Confidentiality Agreement form                    Appraisal application form

A BEAL Appraisal and the approved logo (below) stating "Building Code Compliant" with a unique appraisal number, can only be issued when there is a 'Building Product Quality Plan' that ensures that the product or system will continue to be installed and maintained as required by the manufacturer's instructions.

                                                                        Beal Appraised