Classic Stone’s Manufactured Stone Veneer Cladding System

Classic Stone’s Manufactured Stone Veneer Cladding System comprises of weather resistant light-weight manufactured stone pieces adhered by way of a durable acrylic modified cement based adhesive to one of three types of substrate over either timber or lightweight steel framing.The substrates include fibre-cement sheet, concrete block, and concrete tiltup slab.  The fibre cement sheets are fixed to cavity battens according to the manufacturer’s instructions and subject to the limitations described in the appraisal.

BGC Stonesheet and Render Tape is a system comprising of a fibre-cement sheet and a bitumen based adhesive jointing tape incorporating a non-woven PE backing.

The system enables cement based adhesives, which are used with manufactured or natural stone slip veneers and the like, to be applied over a joint between sheets of the BGC Stonesheet, without the need for a traditional flush-filled jointing system.

Enviro Square’s KAPO Board is a board manufactured from non-toxic minerals incorporating a woven mesh, which exhibits excellent fire, sound, moisture and mould-resistant properties. It is used extensively overseas as a wall-papered lining alternative to plaster-based boards, for interior use.

The board is supplied in a range of thicknesses, nominally 6mm, 9mm and 12mm. The 6mm board is used as a ceiling lining or as a rigid air barrier. Refer BEAL Appraisal C2104.
The 9mm and 12mm boards can be used for both interior, such as a wet room lining that is tiled over, and exterior applications. Either thickness can be used for fire-resistant partition walls.

The The Clad X NZ AAC Wall Panel System (CAWPS) is a drained and ventilated masonry veneer wall cladding with a plastered then painted / textured finish. It is designed to be used as an external wall cladding system for residential and light commercial type buildings where residential construction techniques are used.

The system consists of 50mm thick autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels fixed over polystyrene battens to form a 20mm cavity. The coating system from Wattyl consists of 5 mm thick Grano Adhesive Mortar Coarse with fiber-glass mesh imbedded into it, followed by the application of a 2mm thick Grano Adhesive Mortar Coarse, followed by the application of a 1mm thick coat of Grano Sponge. A coat of GranoPrime primer/sealer is then applied followed with the application of 2 coats of Wattyl’s Grano Impact coating system.

The system incorporates a drained and ventilated cavity by way of 40mm x 20mm EPS cavity battens .The MagRoc Structural Insulated Panels – SIP’s – can be used as Wall, Floor and Roof Panels. The MagRoc SIP is a building system that uses insulated panels, splines, top and bottom plates and fixings for the con-struction of thermally effective walls, floors and roofs.

The STONEWORKS Stone Veneer Cladding System uses a fibre-cement board as the cladding substrate onto which is adhered a selected natural stone veneer, to provide an attractive natural stone finish for application to residential, and light commercial feature walls, within the limitations described in E2/AS1.

STONEWORKS Solid Stone is a natural stone veneer precision hand cut to thickness and size by skilled craftsmen with an average weight of 50kg/m2The cladding substrate is BGC 9mm thick Stonesheet, which is fixed on to the building structure over mechanically fixed timber cavity battens. The 40mm x 20mm H3.1 battens are fixed over a wall wrap complying the performance requirements of the NZBC  to timber framing complying with NZS3604 or light-weight steel framing complying with NASH 3405. .

The Magnum Board Rigid Air Barrier system is a mineral sheet-based rigid air barrier to be used over timber framing or light gauge steel framing, for use in wind zones up to and including ‘extra-high’ as defined by NZS3604. It is designed to provide seamless waterproofing and wind-resistant protection of framing and its insulation from high wind environments.

The system consists of Magnum Board sheets with specified nail fixings, using the Thermakraft Thermaflash and Premium Jointing Tape flashing systems to provide an easy to install barrier to moisture and high winds.