BEAL’s Mission

Bringing Science to the Practice of Building

BEAL provides clients with a competitive advantage by identifying key performance requirements of a product or system and verifying its compliance with the relevant building code(s) with appropriate criteria, in an effective and efficient manner.

BEAL’s Operational Statement
To consistently provide user-friendly, cost-effective and timely assessments, testing and certifications.

BEAL’s QMS Statement

The needs and or expectations of  interested parties will be met through conformance with –

  • the relevant Regulations and relevant certification ‘scheme rules’
  • ISO Standards claimed by BEAL
  • Codes of Practices deemed applicable by BEAL
  • Product performance requirements of BEAL (including assessment methods)
  • Manufacturing Quality Plan requirements of BEAL
  • Certificate-holder Product Quality Plan requirements of BEAL
  • Installation Supervisor Training Programme requirements of BEAL
  • The objectives of BEAL’s Quality Management System, including the provision of a suitable environment, resources and employee training/monitoring to achieve the objectives of the BEAL QMS and vision