Technical Opinions

Where a manufacturer of a product wishes to have testing for "compatibility' of products with the product for which a BEAL Appraisal has already been completed, then use of a Technical Opinion which is much less expensive than having an appriasal carried out, may be suitable. A "Technical Opinion" is a document that does not describe all of the assessment and testing work that we would be expected to carry out if we completed a full "BEAL Appraisal". However some Councils will accept the document, while others (often the main city ones) will not, since the main city councils expect a full appraisal document.

When a client asks if a new product can be tested for "compatibility" with a product or system that we have already completed a full appraisal, then we are being asked to compromise the quality of the original appraisal. As a result we are prepared to write up a Technical Opinion for one 'job' or one building site, but that's all. In other words if a new product is to be added to an existing appraisal, then the new product is deemed to be a part of the original appraisal, and therefore needs a full assessment and testing programme. The alternative is for the new products to not be included or described in any literature related to the BEAL Appraised product.

With respect to adding a product that has already had overseas testing then we are prepared as we would normally do, accept the data on the basis that it has been carried out by a facility (laboratory) that is registered or well recognised, and is of course independent of the manufacturer.

For this process to work, we will need to receive all technical literature about each new product along with a deposit to carry out the initial assessment of the appraisal work, from which we will present a new quotation document which will include a description of the scope of work, timetable, fees, samples needed, and a request for all related quality management information.

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