Tapes, Adhesives and Foams

BEAL Appraisal CA504 - Expired

The MCL Window Wrap™ Powerbond Sealing Tape

The Window Wrap™ PowerBond is no longer a BEAL Appraised product.

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BEAL Appraisal CA902 - Expires May 2016

The ACE Butyl Tape

The ACE Butyl Tape is a butyl rubber self adhesive tape with nonwoven polyester backing able to be applied over masonry, or expanded or extruded polystyrene joints, in conjunction with special adhesion promoters, that can then be plastered or rendered over.

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BEAL Appraisal CA914 - Expired

NZ Tape Specialists' WINSEAL Window Sealing Tape

The WINSEAL Window Sealing Tape is no longer an appraised product by BEAL.

BEAL Appraisal CA918 - SUSPENDED

NZ Tape Specialists' FUTURESEAL Tape

NZ Tape Specialists' FUTURESEAL Tape is a flexible, waterproofing jointing system made from self- adhesive butyl rubber tape with a nonwoven polyester backing. The FUTURESEAL tape is suited to the exterior waterproofing of joints on fibre-cement sheets and for interior junctions of impervious wall linings with concrete, such as fibre-cement sheet wall lining and plasterboard linings designed for wet areas, to a sealed concrete floor, which is to be tiled over.

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BEAL Appraisal CA904 - Expired

The Paul Industries FastWrap ® Window Sealing Tape

The Paul Industries Fastwrap Window Sealing Tape is no longer an appraised product by BEAL.


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