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BEAL Appraisal CA602 - Expires May 2018

Thermax B thermal break for use on steel framing

ThermaX B™ is an acceptable solution as an economic thermal break for steel framed walls. Maintaining the thermal resistance of a wall assembly in buildings is a requirement needed to meet Clause H1 of the New Zealand Building Code.

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BEAL Appraisal I811

The Paul Industries' Insulbronze  Range of Glass Wool Insulation

Paul Industries’ Insulbronze Glass Wool Insulation is no longer an appraised product by BEAL.

BEAL Appraisal I1005

The Green Choice (Cellulose Fibre) Insulation

Green Choice Insulation is no longer an appraised product by BEAL.

BEAL Appraisal IN1109 - Expires July 2018

The Home Insulation (Christchurch) Ltd's Super Quilt Multi Layered Blanket- for Walls & Roofs

SUPER QUILT Multi Layered Blanket - for Walls and Roofs (SUPER QUILT MLB) is a thin, flexible multi-layeredfoil and foam based thermal insulation material that eliminates the need for deep cavities in which to place the insulation required for walls and especially for skillion roofs.
SUPER QUILT MLB is a multi-layered thin, flexibleblanket form of insulation, made from layers of reflectivefoil and foam. The tear resistant blanket incorporatesa unique method of stitching which is claimed to reducecold bridging seen in similar forms of blankets.

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BEAL Appraisal IN1224

The FIVE STAR Glass wool Insulation range of products - for Walls & Ceilings

This appraisal has been suspended. For further information contact BEAL.

BEAL Appraisal IN1317

The TOP Insulation Ltd.'s Glass wool Insulation Products - for Walls & Ceilings

The TOP Insulation Glass Wool Insulation Products comprise a range of different thickness insulation blanket products made from resin coated glass fibre, which are typically installed into wall framing and ceilings to provide effective thermal insulation.
The range consists of insulation blankets with insulation values of R2.2 @ 90mm, R2.7 @ 110mm, and R3.2 160mm.

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BEAL Appraisal IN1319

The WYF International Company's Warmkiwi Glasswool Insulation Products

The WYF International Company's Warmkiwi Glasswool Insulation is no longer and appraised product by BEAL.

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