What the Building Act Requires

All building work in New Zealand, be it a mansion or a garage, a warehouse or a shopping mall - is regulated by the Building Act 2004.

The Building Act provides for a 'Building Code' which sets out performance criteria that all buildings, depending on their use, must meet. The Building Code is 'performance based' meaning it is possible to achieve the performance criteria an many ways. This is intended to encourage innovation in the use of materials, methods and designs.

Demonstrating compliance with a performance based code can be achieved in two ways:

  1. By following the compliance paths provided by the Building Act, (i.e.following the requirements of a 'compliance document')
  2. By following a verification process for an 'alternative solution' which is not described in any compliance document.

One robust method for verifying compliance with the Building Code is known as the 'Compliance Verification Procedure'.

For information about the Compliance Verification Procedure click here.