Is BEAL a Registered Laboratory?

We are often asked if BEAL is a 'registered laboratory' to carry out building product appraisals. 

First, BEAL has a quality management system complying with the general requirements of  ISO 9001.

Second, under the international rules of ILAC, there is no 'registration process' by which a "laboratory" can be accredited.
IANZ in New Zealand administer the world-wide accreditation scheme known as ILAC - the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation - which is an international cooperation of laboratory and inspection accreditation bodies formed more than 30 years ago to help remove technical barriers to trade.

Under the ILAC rules, a laboratory can be accredited only for a test method or group of test methods. There is no process covering all test methods related to say, building products.

A list of test methods that NZ laboratories are accredited for are listed at