Building Product / Methods Approval

The approval of a building product or method is achieved at one of two levels:

  • the first at a Government level is by way of having a product or method 'certified' by a Government approved Building Product Certifying Body
  • the second is through an appraisal process carried out by an appropriately qualified third party, such as a laboratory, a research facility, or by a recognised expert.

This article is intended to provide a summary of the relative advantages of each option.

Building Product Certification

The endorsement of a building product or system by the Governments of Australia and New Zealand, is most useful for those situations where there is a) high risk score involved, and b) where there is an unusual or very novel method used in the construction process. The endorsement process in Australia and New Zealand is known as "Codemark".
The endorsement of a building product or system is carried out by an 'accredited' Building Product Certifying Body (complying with the requirements of ISO Guide 65). Refer the JAS-ANZ web site for the accreditaion requirements and rules.
Having a Codemark endorsement is particularly useful in minimising the time to convince Councils and Building Certifying Bodies of the merits or otherwise of a unusual or very novel method used in the construction process (as part of a Consent Application). BEAL is not currently able to provide product certification.

Having an Appraisal

An appraisal of a building product or system is ideal where there is a moderate risk score for the expected performances and where the product is reasonably well understood by the building industry, by Councils and Building Consent Authorities.

BEAL Appraisals are generally accepted by Councils and Building Certifying Authorities, giving a distinct marketing advantage to those wishing to introduce a new building product or system into the New Zealand, and/or the Australian market.

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