The New Zealand Building Code

The NZ Building Code describes the following levels of requirements (criteria):


The Objective is a generic requirement to provide assurance of safety and reliability;

The Functional Requirement is a set of specific requirements that describe what the product or method must provide/produce as an outcome;

The Performance is a set of requirements in the form of 'out-come based criteria' that describe what is needed to ensure the Functional requirement can be met

In order to know whether or not a building product or method meets the requirements of the Building Code, it is necessary to read the latest version of the Code, which is listed on the web site of the Department of Building and Housing. To view the home page for the list of Building Code Clauses covering structure, durability, and other requirements, click here.

Acceptable Solutions

To provide a useful set of 'out-come based criteria' for those without the expertise to determine suitable criteria, the Department has published a series of guides called Acceptable Solutions.

Acceptable Solutions are generic methods or standards by which a building product or method can be shown to meet the Performance requirement of the Building Code.

Readers should note that Acceptable Solutions are not endorsed by the Government and advice as to which criteria are appropriate should be sought from BEAL.

To learn more about Acceptable Solutions on the DBH web site, click here.

New Requirements

As new products, methods and designs are introduced, there will be a need for new performance requirements to be developed and used for verifying compliance with the Building Code.

Such a new requirement has been identified by BEAL covering he use of 'frame protection systems'. For more information about these click here.