The History of BEAL

BEAL commenced operations in April 2004 as the result of a forum held by the Department of Internal Affairs, (who at the time, managed building law and regulations), about the creation of a new Building Act, to deal with the dilemma of widespread use of untreated timber for external wall framing.
At this forum leading representatives of the industry asked the Department representatives to consider encouraging competition for the carrying out of appraisal and research work that was carried out by the Building Research Association of New Zealand, commonly referred to as "BRANZ".
Encouraged with these calls, market research was carried out and three clients were found to employ a new service that was more businesslike, timely and better value for money. Based on a unique background which included being a Laboratory manager, Industrial Trouble-shooter, Research Chemist, Technical representative for one of the largest chemical companies in the world, specialising in coating technology, the principal was well qualified to carry out research and evaluation services for a specific range of building products.
In the year of 2008, a steady stream of enquiries has been received resulting in significant growth of activity. Several large items of test equipment have been procured, new staff has been employed and larger, premises been acquired. Today BEAL is able to offer a wider range of research and product evaluation services, designed to meet the requirements of all types of clients.
For further information about the range of services, refer to the Services page.