Appropriate Test Methods (or Calculations)

Test Methods are often incorporated into standards, either by themselves, or as one of several.

Sometimes when looking at the performance(s) expected of a building product or system, it becomes apparent that the test method(s) or calculation method referenced in a standard, does not cover all of the critical performances. In this case it is necessary to search (databases and lists of standards and test methods) for a test method for each performance that needs to be verified. Though this can be a lengthy exercise, it is essential that suitable test methods and their associated criteria, are used to verify compliance.

The alternative situation where no appropriate test method is referenced is to make a claim that has very little substance and relies, sometime inappropriately, on an ‘opinion’.

Test Methods are the most simple and reliable means of measuring a performance and verifying compliance. Test Methods are also essential in determining criteria, which are the yardstick by which a performance is assessed, as acceptable or otherwise.


Where an important performance needs to be measured and there are no relevant test methods, the Building Quality Institute (BQI) will develop one for carrying out assessments.

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